3 Pros and Cons to Pre Ground Coffee Vs Fresh Coffee

3 Pros and Cons to Pre Ground Coffee Vs Fresh Coffee

1. Pre-ground is more convenient

Many people prefer to drink coffee early in the morning as they go to work. This often means that they may not have a lot of time to spare in their quest for a cup of coffee.

Pre-ground coffee does not require any special skills to prepare. This is unlike fresh coffee which requires expertise and special equipment to create a cup of coffee.

A good coffee grinder is quite expensive, some going for over $100, and it is therefore cumbersome and expensive for any coffee lovers that would like a cup but cannot afford the brewer, or even if they can buy one, they may not have the skills to create a perfect cup of coffee, instead having an average coffee brew.

The process of brewing coffee also takes up some time, meaning that it would really inconvenience individuals who want a cup of coffee quick before they dash out to work and other activities. This is where pre-ground coffee trumps fresh coffee. 

2. Fresh coffee is more expensive than pre-ground coffee

Even before incorporating equipment costs, fresh coffee is more expensive than pre-ground coffee. This is because fresh coffee has to be good quality, and this requires it to be sourced from elsewhere, which increases shipping costs.

Most of the good coffee taken around the world comes from Ethiopia, and shipping fresh coffee from there will result in high costs. While even pre-ground coffee can be sourced from the same region, fresh coffee takes up more container space and thus the retail costs tend to shoot to compensate for the extra shipping costs. 

Fresh coffee also has to be transported quickly to keep it fresh and this transport process adds to the overall cost. The fact that fresh coffee also produces a higher quality brew also helps add up that cost.

Below is a short video of brief explanations about different coffee types: 

Add up a good quality grind and brew coffee machine to that list and the cost of making a cup of coffee from fresh beans skyrockets. Pre Ground coffee, on the other hand, can be sourced from anywhere and it is easy to find some at any retail store nearby.

3. Fresh coffee has better quality than pre-ground coffee

While pre-ground coffee may have more surface advantages, fresh coffee is still the type preferred by coffee lovers everywhere. This is because you cannot replace the quality that fresh coffee produces.

Fresh coffee is better because the beans are ground just moments before the coffee is brewed giving it a richer taste than pre-ground one. This difference in taste and quality arises from the fact that pre-ground coffee, as is it in its name, is pre-ground, and therefore has been stored in a container for a while.

Sitting in these containers, regardless of whether they are airtight makes the coffee loses its freshness, therefore losing the rich taste. Fresh coffee beans, on the other hand, stay whole and therefore they cannot lose their freshness.

Furthermore, buying fresh coffee means that you are in charge of the grind, and you can, therefore, manipulate it as you prefer, depending on your brewing technique.

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