Best Blender Food Processor Combo in 2019 - Reviews & Comparison

Best Blender Food Processor Combo in 2019 – Reviews & Comparison

If you’re looking for both blending and food processing capabilities, a blender food processor combo is an excellent way to get more for your money, and save on kitchen storage space.

Usually costing only slightly more than a blender, these combined systems provide a huge range of capabilities: make smoothies, doughs, fries, salads… the list is endless.

Here I’ve reviewed the top picks for the best blender food processor combo, and also included a helpful buyer’s guide with what to look for when selecting your new appliance.

Blender and Food Processor Combos Comparison Chart

Key Features

  • Powerful​
  • Suction cup
  • 72-ounce blending jar
  • Easy to clean 
  •  Very Bulky
  •  Can't make hot soup

Our Rating

Key Features

  • Easy to clean 
  • plus
    Easy to store
  • plus
    Great for crushing ice
  • plus
    7 power settings
  • plus
    Wide blender jars
  • Slippy Blades
  • Food gets stuck in the corners

Our Rating

Key Features

  • Very Powerful
  • Versatile
  • 7 Speeds and presets
  • High Quality
  • Louder than average
  • Gets a bit shaky when using it

Our Rating

Key Features

  • Dual direction blades
  • Attaches to standard mason jars
  • 7 Year Warranty
  • Blend-and-go cups
  • Proper loud
  • Pricey compared to others

Our Rating

Key Features

  • Ideal for compact kitchens
  • Dishwasher Safe
  • Wide-mouth keeps food from jamming
  • Stable suction cup feet 
  • Lower power 
  • 2-speed only

Our Rating

Key Features

  • Powerful and durable
  • Hands free operation
  • Lifetime limited warranty
  • Compact and easy to store
  • Only single-serve jars
  • Small capacity

Our Rating

Key Features

  • Powerful 700-watt motor
  • 12 blending Function Options
  • No-mess pour spout
  • No-fill system (Easy to use!)
  • Glass jar heavy
  • Not for dry/hard ingredients

Our Rating

Reviews and Top Picks

If you’re looking for a blender and food processor all in one, there are a lot of choices, and making the right selection can be a daunting task.

To help you pick the right appliance for you, I’ve provided a review roundup of some of the best systems out there.

1. Ninja Mega Kitchen System (BL770) <<Top Pick>>

Packing an impressive 1200-watt, 2-HP motor, the Ninja Mega is a complete system for healthy living.

Included are a 72-ounce blender pitcher, 8-cup mixer bowl, and two 16-ounce nutri-ninja cups for personal blending!

Ninja Mega Kitchen System BL770 mini review

Features & Capabilites

Versatile and powerful

Value for Money

Great price for specs and accessories included

Ease of Use

User-friendly and easy to clean

Customer Support

5-year warranty with good customer service

Editor's Final Rating

Overall a great system for the money!


  • Powerful enough to handle the toughest recipes such as nut butters
  • Suction cup feet allow base to be locked down on the counter
  • Easy pour spout on 72-ounce blending jar
  • Easy to clean and dishwasher safe


Requires considerable storage space

Cannot make hot soup with blender

Here's a good unboxing video I found on YouTube, that gives you a very detailed look on what you get when you buy the Ninja Mega:

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2. Cuisinart BFP-10CH PowerBlend Duet

The Cuisinart BFP-10CH PowerBlend Duet features a 56-ounce blending jar and three-cup mixing bowl, which both attach to a 600-watt, 7-speed motor.

With LED touchpad controls and a sleek design, the Cuisinart Duet looks great and is easy to use.

Cuisinart BFP-10CH PowerBlend Duet mini review
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Features & Capabilites

Wide range of speeds but no presettings available

Value for Money

Competitively priced and high-quality

Ease of Use

Easy to use and clean with all detachable parts dishwasher-safe

Customer Support

Limited 3-year warranty and good customer service


  • Wide blender and food processor jars are easy to clean and dishwasher-safe
  • Easy to store; doesn’t require as much space as other systems
  • Great for crushing ice
  • 7 power settings allow for wide range of speeds


Some users report that the blades on the food processor may slip

Food can get stuck in corners of square blender pitcher

Pro Tip

If you’re making smoothies, it’s best to add liquid ingredients first.

The blender may also work best when the jar isn’t filled to the top, so make large quantities in two separate batches.

3. Oster Pro 1200 Blender 2-in-1 with Food Processor Attachment

At 1200 watts, the Oster Pro 1200 Blender 2-in-1 packs a powerful punch, and is able to handle the toughest recipes - all at a very modest price point. It might be your best combination appliance for the money.

This system includes a 64-ounce glass pitcher, 5-cup plastic food processor with blade and chopping disc, and plastic single-serve 24-ounce blend-and-go cup.​

Oster Pro 1200 Blender 2-in-1 review

Features & Capabilites

Convenient presets and excellent performance

Value for Money

Competitively priced

Ease of Use

Easy to use and clean

Customer Support

3-year warranty on attachments, 10-year warranty on motor with excellent customer service

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  • Very powerful for this price point
  • Versatile and can make a variety of recipes
  • 7 speeds and convenient presets offer a wide range of blending power
  • High-quality and durable


Louder than average

May move across counter during operation

4. Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa

The Oster Versa delivers impressive power with an 1100-watt motor, and is a blender and food processor in one. This system includes a 64-ounce plastic blender pitcher, 5-cup processor bowl with blade and slicing disc and two 20-ounce blend-and-go cups for single-serving blending.

The Oster Versa has two convenient presettings for frozen drinks and dips/salsas allowing for hands-free blending. It also has three manual speeds and a pulse option.​

Oster BLSTVB-103-000 Versa review
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Features & Capabilites

Powerful but limited versatility (2 presets)

Value for Money

Cheaper than other systems of a similar power level

Ease of Use

User-friendly and dishwasher-safe

Customer Support

7-year money-back guarantee and excellent customer service


  • Dual-direction blades keep food from becoming jammed
  • Blend-and-go cups offer convenience of single-serve blending
  • Also attaches to standard mason jars
  • Food processor has separate chopping and shredding blades
  • Impressive 7-year warranty/satisfaction guarantee


Louder than similar systems

Fairly pricey for the features

Pro Tip

The Oster Versa is great for making smoothies! The smoothie presetting turns off on its own when finished, allowing for no-fuss, hands-free blending.

5. Black & Decker FP2620S Wide-Mouth Food Processor & Blender

Unique from some of the other systems on our list, the Black & Decker is a true combined mixer and blender, as it only has one 10-cup jar with different attachments for blending and food processing purposes.

At 500 watts, the motor doesn’t pack quite as much of a punch as some of its competitors.

The Black & Decker has very simple cycles, including a high and low speed setting and pulse button, making for simplistic operation but less flexibility.​

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Black & Decker FP2620S review

Features & Capabilites

Not as much blending power or versatility as other options

Value for Money

Competitively priced

Ease of Use

User-friendly and dishwasher-safe

Customer Support

Two-year limited warranty and good customer service


  • Suction cup feet keep pedestal still during use
  • Takes up less space than other systems so is ideal for compact kitchens
  • Wide-mouth chute and jar keep food from becoming jammed
  • Dishwasher-safe


Not as much power as other models

Two-speed motor may make the Black & Decker less versatile

6. Nutri Ninja Bowl DUO (NN102)

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The Ninja Nutri Bowl DUO packs a wallop at 1200 watts, and can handle the toughest ingredients including nuts and frozen fruits.

The food processor even makes dough, so this could be considered a blender mixer combo as well!

This system includes a 4-cup food processor and two 24-ounce single-serve blending cups. It’s ideal if you’re looking for a personal blender to make smoothies and also want to do some quick food mixing.

The base unit has presets for smoothies and food processing, with Auto-iQ technology that combines blending, pulsing and pausing patterns for hands-free blending and food processing.

Several trusted online reviewers report that this technology is very effective, and this brand in general gets high user ratings by verified buyers.​

Nutri Ninja Bowl DUO NN102 review

Features & Capabilites

High-power with convenient presets

Value for Money

Competitively priced

Ease of Use

User-friendly and dishwasher-safe

Customer Support

Lifetime limited warranty and good customer service


  • Powerful and durable motor
  • Auto-iQ presets make for convenient hands-free blending and food processing
  • Excellent warranty and customer service
  • Compact and easy to store


Only single-serve blending jars

Food processor capacity of 4 cups is a bit small

7. Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function (58149)

This is one of the cheapest blenders on the market, yet still has excellent functionality.

Powered by a formidable 700-watt motor, the Hamilton has enough power to handle tough ingredients such as ice and frozen fruit.

This system comes with a 40-ounce glass jar with a patented no-mess pouring spout. Twelve convenient presets for drinks, purees, chopping, grating and more make for hands-free blending and perfect result every time.

It isn’t exactly a combo machine, however it does offer ingredient processing functionalities, so if your main use for the appliance is blending, and you only need occasional food processing, this might be the machine you’re looking for.​

Hamilton Beach Power Elite Multi-Function 58149 review
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Features & Capabilites

Versatile, but lacking compared to competitors

Value for Money

Hard to beat price

Ease of Use

Convenient presettings and dishwasher-safe

Customer Support

3-year warranty and good customer service


  • At 700 watts, motor packs a powerful punch
  • Has 12 blending functions including mix, milkshake, puree, smoothie, frozen drink, dice, cop, salsa, grind, crush ice, grate, and easy clean
  • Glass container has a no-mess pour spout
  • No-frills system can easily handle smoothies, frozen drinks, shakes, and purees


Glass jar is heavy

Motor can’t handle dry/hard ingredients such as nuts

And the winner is…

I’m going to go with the Ninja Mega Kitchen System. This system is so versatile, and can handle just about any blending or food processing job.

Unlike some of the other systems we reviewed, the Mega can handle even the toughest recipes such as nut butters, and also has full food-processing capabilities.​

Blender and Food Processor Buyer’s Guide

All of this might leave you asking should I get a blender or food processor, or both?

Today’s market is saturated with offers for all three types of appliances, so selecting the right appliance can be a daunting task.

Not to worry - I’m here to help! This buyer’s guide can help you decide which appliance is right for you, and learn which features are important to look for.

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Important features - what to look for

These are the most important points that you should look for in a combo, and the ones we considered when evaluating the appliances in this roundup and picking the top performers.


The capacity refers to how much food your system can process at once.

If you’re looking to make family-sized portions, you’ll want to choose a combination food processor-blender with the most capacity possible.

In contrast, if you’re looking for single-serving blending or food processing, a smaller capacity may be more convenient.​


Depending upon how much kitchen space you have, you’ll also want to keep an eye on size and storage space.

If you’re working with limited space or small cabinets, take a look at the appliance’s physical dimensions to make sure it will fit, and make sure you have room to store all of the accessories.​


The power refers to how much power the base unit’s motor has. If you’re looking mainly for food processing and to make the occasional smoothie, 700 watts should be sufficient. Less than that, and the machine tends to struggle with anything tougher than soft fruits.

If you would like to process tougher ingredients such as nuts, you’ll want upwards of 1200.


For maximum functionality, you’re best off with a system that has a wide range of speeds, with slower speeds for chopping and slicing, and high speeds for blending tough ingredients such as ice.


These combined machines are generally quite versatile with many functions. You’ll want to prioritize based upon your needs and what you plan on making.

Some common functions include blending, chopping, slicing, grating, dough making, mixing, shredding and softening butter.​

Pre-Programmed Settings

Pre-programmed blending and food-processing settings are ideal, as they allow for hands-free blending, and may also produce better results than manual controls.

In general the more settings the better, but prioritize based upon what you plan to make. Personally I’d shoot for a minimum of chop, whisk, grate, shred, puree and ice crushing.​


Check out my product reviews above to see how loud each prospective model is.

In general most systems make about same amount of noise as a normal blender, and are noisier when blending tough ingredients such as ice.

Ease of Cleaning

Cleaning is easily the least fun part of cooking, so you’ll want to select a system that’s as easy to clean as possible. Ideally the bowls and attachments should be dishwasher-safe, and the base unit should be sleek and easy to wipe down.

Durability and Warranty Period

You’ll want to select a system that has a proven track record of durability, and is also backed up by a manufacturer's warranty in case of any manufacturing defect. The duration and terms of warranty can vary not only by manufacturer but also by model, so be sure to do your homework.

Also check to see if the manufacturer has a good reputation for customer service, what the repair/replacement policy is, and if shipping is covered.​


There are many accessories available for these all in one machines. Most systems include at least a few of the following.

In the end it comes down to what you’re planning to make with your new appliance, but make sure you select one with the accessories required for recipes you plan to make often.

  • Mill: A mill is usually a separate bowl attachment that’s used to grind solid ingredients such as coffee beans, grains or spices.
  • Knife blade: Most food processors have a multi-purpose knife blade that is used for mixing, mincing, mashing puréeing and chopping.
  • Dough blade or hook: This is usually a blade that attaches to the food processor bowl, and is used to make pizza doughs or pie crusts.
  • Shredding and slicing blade: Many food processors come with several sizes of shredding and slicing blades for different consistencies.
  • Chipping blade: A chipping blade usually attaches to the food processor, and is used to make homemade chips or french fries.
  • Grating blade: A grating blade attaches to the food processor and is used to shred cheese or vegetables.
  • Potato rasp: A potato rasp is used to finely grate hard vegetables such as potatoes or hard cheeses such as Parmesan.
  • Beater: A beater, or whisk attachment, is used to make whipped creams.
  • Feed tube: A feed tube usually attaches to the top of the food processor bowl, and is used to feed in food during mixing.
  • Matching Spatula: Some systems come with a matching spatula, which is sometimes designed specially for use with the appliance.


Some systems have safety features such as auto shut-off and auto-lock. The auto-lock function may be important if you have young children at home.


There are a few additional features that aren’t completely necessary, but may make using your new appliance easier.

These include a citrus press or juicer that allows the machine to be used as a juicer, a straight-sided processor chop and micro-serrated blades that don’t need to be sharpened.

Blender & Food Processor FAQs

What is a food processor and why use it?

A food processor usually consists of a wide-mouth bowl, often with a cute attachment to the lid that’s used to feed in solid ingredients.

They usually come with several blade attachments for cutting, chopping, slicing, shredding and even dough hooks.

This kind of appliance is best for chopping, slicing and grating solid foods to make recipes such as salsas, coleslaw or hummus (my favorite use!).

What is a blender and why use it?

A countertop blender usually consists of a pitcher with rotating blades at the bottom. Many blender jars are also narrow at the bottom, creating a vortex that brings ingredients into contact with the blades more frequently.

A blender is best for turning solid ingredients like fruit and vegetables into liquid smoothies or purees. It’s also best for combining liquid ingredients with solid.

What does a food processor do that a blender doesn't, and vice versa?

Although blenders and food processors are similar appliances, both have different applications, and there’s less crossover than you might imagine.

A food processor can chop, slice and grate ingredients, while a blender will turn solid ingredients into a pulp - not so great for your coleslaw.

On the other hand, food processors is bad at handling liquid ingredients, and generally don’t produce a complete emulsion.

If you’re looking for maximum versatility in your new appliance, you might be best off with a 2 in 1 blender food processor for a few reasons:

  • Buying both in one saves a substantial amount of money.
  • Using a combination machine reduces food prep time.
  • Requires less storage space.
  • It offers more functionality and flexibility.

To summarize the differences between these two appliances, here's an interesting video:


In the end, it all comes down to what you plan to do with your appliance. That's why in the buying guide here, I've covered in detail the different uses and considerations. 

I hope I’ve been able to shed some light on which is the best blender food processor combo might be ideal for your needs, and on what to look for as you make your selection.

If you're not sure if you need a food processor at all, and rather invest in a good blender, then check out our blender buyer's guide here.

Have any experiences or insights that you’d like to share with us?

Please leave a comment below!

Best blender food processor combo reviews and ratings
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