How to Become an Accredited Produce Buyer

How to Become an Accredited Produce Buyer

How To Become An Accredited Produce Buyer

Buying produce from organizations to resell or use may not be as easy as most people think. In some cases, it requires that one should be an accredited buyer.

Being an accredited buyer shows commitment to quality and standards in the produce industry.  Such a buyer will always strive to buy products from producers that are GAP certified.

These are farm produce that meets the safety standards and is of high quality. Also, it guarantees that the produce is available at the best deals.

The buyer must be able to evaluate and choose suppliers that meet the requirements.


Analytical skills

For one to be accredited as a buyer, they must exhibit great analytical skills. It enables them to evaluate suppliers in terms of quality, price, and delivery services.

They must be capable of making informed decisions when choosing products. Having basic maths skills may be necessary.

It allows them to easily compare prices from different suppliers. Also, it allows them to get the best deals.

Negotiating skills

Accredited produce buyers must have great negotiating skills. It helps them to negotiate the best contracts with suppliers.

They must also know more about the product and should be self-confident. Also, having interpersonal skills is a plus.

Here’s a short video on how to improve your negotiating skills:

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So how does one become an accredited buyer?


Although it is not mandatory for produce buyers to obtain certification. Getting one puts them ahead of the pack.

It shows that they comply with safety measures and standards. You may need to undergo some training where you learn how to handle the produce

Such training may revolve around sanitation and safety issues. The course is voluntary but it equips buyers with skills they need to handle the produce.

One of the reasons why a produce buyer should go for the course is that it assures farmers that they are dealing with the right people. They get assured that the buyer has the basics of handling produce.

High school diploma

Having a high school diploma is necessary if you want to become an accredited buyer. However, if you choose to be employed in an organization as a produce buyer, advanced qualifications such as a degree in supply management and finance may be required. 

In some cases, a degree in animal science or agricultural production may be required.

On job Training

Some organizations offer a one year on the job training that leads to accreditation. During this period, you get to learn how to negotiate with suppliers. Besides, you learn how to monitor inventory levels and determining quality produce.

If you don’t choose this route, you can still join the Institute of Supply Management. Here, you will be taught and subjected to examinations.

You will be required to pass three exams before you get accredited. If you already have a bachelor’s degree and three years of working experience, it makes it easier for you

From this discussion, you can become an accredited buyer through two processes. You can go the on-job-training route or take an accreditation training course.

But having some basic knowledge in agriculture is an added advantage. For more information contact Hitchcock Farms.

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