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Quick Start

Hey there!

Daniel here, with a warm welcome to our Easy Healthy Smoothie community!

Are you struggling with:

  • Unwanted fat
  • Low energy during the day, fatigue
  • Don’t have enough time to lead a healthier lifestyle?

You’ve come to the right place.

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If you want to improve your overall health, lose weight but still enjoy delicious food and feel more energized…

A natural homemade smoothie is a drink that’s both tasty and provides your body with a boost of much needed nutrients -
The Benefits of Healthy Smoothies

It can replace a meal, a snack, or just serve as a treat.

Yes, even green smoothies can be delicious - I challenge you to try one of the recipes here

Here at the Easy Healthy Smoothie community, we break down the myriad of confusing information into simple, actionable cheat sheets - so you can incorporate these natural elixirs into your daily life!

If you’re just starting with smoothies, be sure to check out this post: Smoothies For Beginners - The Ultimate Cheat Sheet

Not sure which is best for you, making juices or making smoothies? Here’s the definitive guide: 

Looking for the right blender? We've got you covered: click here for our quick & easy blender buying guide.

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On The Go - Smoothies for a Busy Lifestyle

With our busy, on the go lifestyle, it is very difficult to find the time and energy to mind our health and nutrition.


You’d be surprised how easy it is to incorporate smoothies into your busy lifestyle, with the methods here:

How about a smoothie in 2 minutes? Learn how to efficiently freeze and “make-ahead” your smoothies for busy morning and quick snacks:

How to Freeze Vegetables and Fruits For Super-Quick Smoothies

Don’t want to waste time on cleaning your blender? Here’s the quickest ever method to get it done:

The Quickest Way To Clean a Blender

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Smoothies For Weight Loss

At some point in our lives we find ourselves struggling with our weight.

It happened to me when I was approaching my 30’s, and years of junk food and overworking have started to have a serious effect.

I gained quickly but it took much longer to lose.

True, there is no quick fix or magic pill that can make someone’s fat disappear, but anything that can ease and quicken your journey - is certainly worth looking into.

With smoothies, there are many well documented examples of the power of smoothies to help with weight loss. Many people have lost as much as 20 pounds in just 2-3 weeks of incorporating smoothies in their lives!

Smoothies can be your complete and balanced meal, giving you all the nutrients you need without adding in empty calories.

Using the appropriate smoothie recipes, you feel full and your hunger pangs are suppressed, which means you can avoid succumbing to unhealthy foods that create excess fat.

How can smoothies help you lose fat?

Check out our epic guide here: How To lose weight with smoothies - your ultimate guide 

These are some of our most popular articles about using smoothies to help lose fat and maintain a healthy body weight:

Smoothies For a Healthier Lifestyle

Many people realize at some point in their lives how important it is to eat healthy and give the body all the nutrients it needs.

This realization usually comes when you notice you gain more and more weight, or you remember yourself having more energy and being much less tired.

But eating healthy is a difficult goal to accomplish: you need to frequently buy fresh groceries then spend hours preparing and cooking. Often, the result is food that’s too healthy to be delicious - not everyone is a big fan of vegetables!

Turns out there is actually a way to prepare healthy food that’s:

  • Quick and easy make
  • Completely natural
  • Delicious, made exactly to your taste

I’m referring to smoothies of course. They are the fastest yet tastiest way to get all healthy vitamins, minerals, enzymes and antioxidants that our modern daily nutrition is lacking.


The Tools You Need To Prepare Smoothies

Apart from information, recipes, how-to guides and cheat sheets, we’ve also hand-picked for you the best tools and kitchen appliances you need in order to make smoothies a key part of living a healthier lifestyle.

find the right blender

How can you find the best blender for your needs?

Buying the wrong blender might result in the following:

  • Breaks down / burns quickly - low end models are not built for daily use
  • You waste too much time on cleaning the blender
  • Getting cut while cleaning around the blades
  • Plastic particles and gunk mixed with the smoothie
  • Smoothies do not have a delicious smooth texture, lots of chewy vegetable pieces
  • Limited functionality - cannot handle ice and the more dense vegetables/fruits

All the above are the unfortunate features of blenders of the lower levels.

That’s we felt it was super important to recommend the blenders we know well and can safely recommend.

Our team members are all smoothie enthusiasts, each with his/her own choice of a blender brand (mainly: Blendtec, Vitamix, Ninja and Nutribullet)

These range from mid-priced to high end blenders. I would strongly recommend against buying the cheapest ones, unless you want to deal with the above problems.

So here are the most recommended blenders, that either myself or our community members have extensively used and can safely recommend:

If you’d like to share your experiences with these blenders or other models, please use the comments below. It’s important that we benefit from each other’s experiences to be sure we’re using the best blender for our needs.

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Smoothie Accessories

While we’re at it, you’d probably enjoy these accessories:

BlenderBottle opaque cups if you’re on the go

Smoothie cups that make your smoothie even more enjoyable

Smoothie straws for easy and stylish drinking

Make-ahead solution: Ziploc freezer bags for freezing smoothie ingredients.

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