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Are Smoothies Really Healthy For You?

Pumpkin Pie Delight. Tropical Paradise Bliss. Strawberry Shortcake Blend?With sinful sounding names like these you may be wondering – are smoothies healthy?The answer isn’t black and white.“Healthy” is subjective. Is it your goal to bulk up or to slim down? Are you trying to improve your heart health or prevent diabetes?The answer to each of […]

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Ninja Mega Kitchen System Blender Review

The Ninja brand is famous for its quality, hi-tec style yet affordable blenders.When I first heard about the Ninja Mega Kitchen System I was excited since I love these all-in-one kitchen appliances: it can act as a smoothie maker, food processor, dough maker and veggie chopper.However…This doesn’t mean it’s perfect for everyone, or that it […]

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5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Smoothies

Valentine’s Day may be traditionally associated with sweet treats like chocolates but why not try something different this year?Some smoothie recipes are perfect choices for the big day, with a creamy sweet taste, vivid reds and pinks, and with the added bonus of all the health benefits of smoothies.I’ve got here 5 great smoothie recipes […]

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The Best 10 Carrot Cake Smoothie Recipes

Who can say no to a big fat slice of carrot cake loaded with white cream cheese frosting and a cute little orange frosting carrot on top? You’d be surprised – there’s a better alternative!Choose a carrot cake smoothie recipe and you can have the same delicious dessert in a cup that is actually healthy […]

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