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4 Benefits to Eating Vegan Fries

Fries are known to be a not-so-healthy food, so how about the vegan version? Vegan are people who eat foods that don’t contain any form of animal or dairy products or bi-products like eggs and even honey.  Many aim to protect their bodies and the animals on this earth. Another reason is to cut out foods that […]

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Can You Freeze Watermelon for Smoothies?

There is nothing quite so refreshing and healthy as a good smoothie made with fresh ingredients chilled from the fridge.  The natural question is then to ask if the ingredients can be frozen when they are in season to provide a supply for the rest of the year. One common ingredient is watermelon.   Surprisingly enough, even with […]

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How Long are Green Smoothies Good For?

Many people are concerned about how long a green smoothie will stay fresh and healthy before it goes off and potentially harmful.  Why would they deteriorate, and what would be the effects? A smoothie is a foodstuff just like others. If left untouched, it will deteriorate as the normal biological decomposition processes take place.   Bacteria will […]

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Vitamix e310 Review and Verdict

For those who are fans of other Vitamix blenders, the e310 is a smaller version that can work well for those who don’t need to make so much of their various recipes.

As a result of the smaller size, it also comes at a lower cost, highly convenient for those on a budget who still want a high-quality product.

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