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10 Smoothies to Boost Your Pregnancy Glow

Pregnancy can be an overwhelming time for a woman. We are bombarded with information on what we can and cannot do.It seems like every opinion is matched by a conflicting opinion telling us to disregard the first…This is especially true when it comes to what to eat during pregnancy.But one thing all soon-to-be-mamas can appreciate […]

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Best 5 Healthy Greek Yogurt Smoothie Recipes

Greek yogurt is known as one of the best ways to add creaminess and nutritional value to your smoothies.It helps to round out the sweetness of fruit smoothies, add depth and richness to green smoothies, and provide balance for other kinds of smoothies.Here are my best 5 healthy greek yogurt smoothie recipes! I’m sure you […]

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5 Perfect Valentine’s Day Smoothies

Valentine’s Day may be traditionally associated with sweet treats like chocolates but why not try something different this year?Some smoothie recipes are perfect choices for the big day, with a creamy sweet taste, vivid reds and pinks, and with the added bonus of all the health benefits of smoothies.I’ve got here 5 great smoothie recipes […]

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