Review and Verdict – The Smoothie Diet by Health Coach Drew Sgoutas

Review and Verdict – The Smoothie Diet by Health Coach Drew Sgoutas

The day that I discovered the power of smoothies for weight control, was a turning point in my life.


Unfortunately, I didn’t have the proper guidance to make my journey as quick, easy and effective as it should have been.

It took me much more time and struggle than necessary to lose those 40 pounds, and an immense amount of struggle to keep it that way for the long term.​

Starting a diet based on smoothies, being consistent with it and then sticking with it for the long term to keep a healthy body weight - these need a plan, guidance and support.

That’s where you need something like the "Smoothie Diet" package, which I’ve reviewed and scrutinized for you here.

What is The Smoothie Diet?​

A customized weight loss plan developed by certified health coach (CHC, AADP) and nutrition expert, Drew Sgoutas.

This is a 3-week program that uses smoothies as the base for losing weight and maintaining a healthy body weight for the long term.

You get everything you need to succeed and lose weight - from recipes, shopping lists and motivation, to personal access to health coach Drew for any questions or help you might need.

For Drew’s video explaining how this diet works, click on the link below:​

Our verdict

This weight loss program is based on solid and proven principles, developed by a nutrition expert.

It seems genuine, and presented by a real person using his real name and professional credentials, which instills trust and authority.

This is an in-depth plan that’s well researched and presented. See below for our full review of what you get in the package and the benefits of using the program.

We found it to be of the highest quality, comprehensive yet easy-to-follow and even fun. If you’re going to try any diet plan, look no further - this is the real deal.​


  • A full diet plan, easy to follow and maintain
  • Direct personal access to health coach Drew for any question or help you need
  • Affordable price and a trial option
  • No-risk refund in case you find it not for you
  • Great additional bonuses


  • Downloadable product, not a physical book. However you can print it if you wish, or just use with a laptop, tablet or smartphone.
  • To see results you must follow the plan for at least 3 weeks (well, I don’t know of anyone who lost weight by doing nothing 😉

The Testimonials

Drew Sgoutas has a large number of private clients he’s coached, and some agreed to have their “before” and “after” photos published. Here are examples:


Here’s a video testimonial of one of the program users:

What you get

The package you get with this program is jam-packed with content. I found the content to be of high quality, and thoroughly enjoyed reading it.

I’ve given a copy to my niece to try, and she was really enthusiastic about it. She’s now in her second week of the diet and said she finds it as advertised - easy to follow and fun, while based on solid weight loss principles.​

This is what the package contains:

  1. Guide book including the 3-week plan (173 pages)
  2. Direct personal access to health coach Drew
  3. 40 printable recipe cards
  4. Grab-and-go shopping lists
  5. One page schedule
  6. Daily journal and weekly schedule
  7. Healthy Eating Guide
  8. Fast Exercise guide (short workouts you can do at home)
  9. Diabetes-Friendly + Gluten-Free Recipes
  10. Smoothies for Kids ebook​

The diet guide is the main ebook and the one you’re probably going to spend the most time with. It is comprehensive but easy to follow. It contains the following sections:

Chapter 1 - Introduction. The root causes of weight gain

Chapter 2 - Smoothie Basics. Everything you need to know to make the perfect smoothie.

Chapter 3 - The Smoothie Diet Program. Main part with a 3-week plan.

Chapter 4 - Troubleshooting the Smoothie Diet. How to easily overcome diet hurdles.

Chapter 5 - Conclusion. Motivation and tips.

Chapter 6 - Smoothie Recipes. (they’re really good!)​


The Verdict

All in all I believe this is definitely a weight loss and weight management program to try.

It currently also has a no-risk trial. To check it out click on the link below:

The Smoothie Diet website link​

Jennifer Pelegreen

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