Delicious and Healthy Smoothie Recipes

A natural homemade smoothie is the easiest and fastest way to enjoy a healthy delicious beverage.

Smoothies are versatile - you can use them as a meal replacement, to get more proteins before or after exercise, to help in your weight loss plan, or to have fun with the kids while getting them to actually love vegetables!

Typical preparation time for a smoothie is just a few minutes. You can even "make-ahead" a batch of frozen smoothie ingredients, then when you want a smoothie just toss evertyhing into your blender and a chilled healthy beveragy is instantly ready!

berry smoothie quick start

What types of smoothies can you make at home?

Smoothies come in a variety of tastes, colors and themes. Here are the most popular ones, which of course we give plenty of recipes for: 

Weight Loss Smoothies

From low-calorie, low-sugar smoothies that actually taste great, to detox smoothies that cleanses your body and gets you on the right track to a healthier nutrition.

These weight loss smoothies are your friends on a journey to look & feel greater than ever, and they offer a strong motivation to shed those pounds off and keep them away for the long term.

weight loss smoothie recipe

Ingredient-Themed Smoothies

We’ve gotten many requests from our followers for recipes based around certain ingredients. 

Our collection is expanding so we currently have quite a lot of ingredient-themed smoothies, with the most popular ones being:

kale smoothie recipes

Dish-Themed Smoothies

Do you like carrot cakes, pumpkin pies or PB & J?

How about a version of these treats that's healthy and takes less than 5 minutes to prepare? Check out the smoothie recipes collections below - we’ve got you covered!

pumpkin pie smoothie recipes

Health Boosting Smoothies

In this category you'll find smoothies that improve your health, help alleviate various medical conditions and health issues ranging from headaches to diabetes, as well as help you live a healthier lifestyle, for example green smoothies.

Our Smoothie Recipes Collection

Ready to blend? Here's our collection of smoothie recipes - easy to make, healthy, and delicious.

So just pick the one you like, fire up your blender and enjoy!

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